Care & Warranty


Saute-Mouton boots are made with factory-treated waterproof leather. A damp cloth is sufficient to remove salt stains. Shoe polish can be applied as needed. Depending on use, it is recommended to use a universal protector for leather, nubuck and suede in spray, it will prolong the waterproofing of your boots. Mink and bear oil or grease are baned on our leathers and will render the warranty null and void. A suede brush and a unbuckle eraser will also help you restores your boots’ original look.

If by accident you scratch the leather of your boot, it will nonetheless not let water through. To continue proudly wearing your boots, a colour-matched shoeshine and a simple brush will help you forget this incident. If you leave your boots on a plastic boot tray, make sure they stay upright so that the leather don’t touch the salty water. Don’t forget that your boots are made of animal skin, for which salt has a drying effect. While your boots are treated against cold weather, snow and salt in normal uses, they won’t take well to a salty bath.

Sealskin boots do not need special care, but be aware that their fur is sensitive to repeated friction. They are not designed for use with snowshoes.

Sheepskin boots must be manipulated with care. Sheepskin is more fragile than cowskin and might tear under rough fingers. This is not a weakness, but a normal characteristic of this material — like silk is less resistant than cotton. This is a noble and delicate material.

Very little is needed to care for your boots, but one should not be negligent. You have bought a quality product made with natural material, which necessitates minimal attention.



Our boots are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase. We undertake to repair or replace any defective product within a short time. The water resistance warranty does not apply to zippers or ornamentation.

Our seal or cowhide boots are not guaranteed against fur shedding. So no return will be accepted for difference in shade or for fur loss. The fur can be damaged by repetitive rubbing, so care must be taken. For example, in an automobile, the brake or clutch pedal can cause it to fall if they constantly rub in the same place.